This guy is my daydreamer,

  my babe,

  my love,

  my boyfriend. 🙂





This song will express the things I would like to tell him. So I’m dedicating this song to you Francis Oliver. I ♥ U babe.


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1, 2, 3 click


I really love catching myself making faces, making candid photos. Well, I feel really cute and adorable with those kind of snapshots. I just love being myself. Hahaha! Here we goooooooooo.
















This one is for my baby. I hope he sees these photos.

Moreover, Here is a song I would love hearing and never get tired of listening. 🙂

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Circle of friends

 Nah! After more than a month, here we are having a picture perfect. 🙂 I miss these guys so very much and I’m happy I was able to be time with them even for a short while. I’m looking forward for a jamming time with them again before Jen will fly for Korea for a vacation.

 We are the wonder 4: Jen, Danna, Mira,Raisa




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Alumni Homecoming 2011



There is nothing more beautiful than having a good, fun and priceless time with my old school classmates. HS Batch 2006. My first attended motorcade since the advent of Alumni Homecoming celebration. Hahaha FT ko talaga. I enjoyed sauntering around the town and over the next town. 🙂

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27th Anniversary and Still going strong

“A successful married life requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person.”

Jan 11, 2012 Happy 27th Year Anniversary Papa and Mama. I love you both soooooooo much. Ingat kau palagi. muah!!!!

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Just like what I’ve entitled in this blog – I’M HAPPY. definitely, absolutely. Words are not enough to draw the sheer bliss I’m currently containing now. Oh! I just feel loved. I feel wonderful and colorful.

can’t find another word to say just Happiness 🙂

Here is a song I would always love to listen to, it gives me different and mixed emotions.

A Thousand Years by: Christina Perri

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