Another year added ☺ – HBD Lolo Jose


Yessss! We had a great munchies and look over that opulent feast – Soow Yummey. (clippings below) To celebrate my Grandpa’s 87th birthday, Us, the keen and closest relatives went over at Frisco to convey and spend time with our handsome Lolo Jose. For some reasons, some of my uncles/aunties failed to travel from province to celebrate with us. We were able to make the celebration partey fun and happy though, despite the fact that most of the sons and daughters of my Lolo wasn’t able to came over. (due to some appointments, hectic scheds others were busy and some of my relatives are there abroad too.)
The family had a blast, we enjoyed every single spoonful of all the dishes – sumptuous feast indeed. Everything served was tasted and it tasted so good – delicioso. – courtesy to my Auntie Josie who prepared everything. Yes she did all the preparations – she can build her own catering services, actually.
Like all reader’s digest have said. Gearing up one’s self before attending a feast is a must, so as not to over-indulge and such. Hahaha
I geared up!!! Hehe 🙂

Food Clippings 🙂





Red Ribbon- Mocha Dedication Cake





Red Ribbon – Choco Dedication Cake





Sushi, Maki, California Roll Set





Chicken Mushroom Pasta










Adobong Hito















Pickled Mushroom















Mandarin Oranges & Banana
♨ Just open link in a new tab to visualize the original photo size ♨ MOUTH-WATERING Feast 🙂
Grandpa, initiated cutting off his cake 🙂
giving Amang a peck on his cheek 😛


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