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Another year added ☺ – HBD Lolo Jose

  Yessss! We had a great munchies and look over that opulent feast – Soow Yummey. (clippings below) To celebrate my Grandpa’s 87th birthday, Us, the keen and closest relatives went over at Frisco to convey and spend time with … Continue reading

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Congratulations ins :)

EMMA SEYCHELLE AJABAN MAEJAN, RN I’m so very Happy for my cousin. She is now a full fledged Registered Nurse 🙂 Soooo proud of you dear cousin. I love you ins.. You did a great and wonderful job. I’ll see … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

ME: Happy Heart’s Day babe. iloveyou so ♥♥ BABE: Happy hearts day baby!! ♥♥ iloveyou more!! ♥♥ A simple message from my babe will make my day bright. Yes, it’s Valentine’s day but we are not spending the lovely ambiance … Continue reading

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I had a great time with him yesterday, having a quality time with my babe is priceless. Kaso super bilis ng oras, he was here at home for more than 4 hours pero parang isang oras ko lang sya nakasama! … Continue reading

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    01012012    This guy is my daydreamer,   my babe,   my love,   my boyfriend. 🙂         This song will express the things I would like to tell him. So I’m dedicating this song to … Continue reading

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