To Anonymous

He must be very pleased with himself for making a woman upset. This insensitive person is getting under my skin again for the second time? Nope, for the 3rd time actually. Fudge! I’ve always wanted to cast this jerk in a pool of mud after having a truce with him less than 2 years way back. Since I’m a very warm hearted woman who tries to understand him I chose to communicate and and keep in touch with him. He’ll get tired of keeping in touch the sooner he sees someone who he can talk to, eventually.  haha

Oh! well I will just go with the flow. I’m riding all his sentiments and trying so damn hard not to get affected of whatever he wanted to show off.

Though I must say It was fun and blissful talking with him even if we are always talking about non-sense and along our conversation we teases each other and ended up quarreling too. Insane we are, right?

I’m just enjoying the moments and times we are jabbering, besides our communication will soon fade when he get tired of reading my messages. hahaha I’m just being hospitable that’s why I also entertain him, it would be such a big rudeness if I neglect his query, isn’t it right?

And I’m loving the thought of talking to him and enjoying every single second talking with him. Just like the old time. Old school hahaha!!

i haven’t drafted yet the first chapter of our story before which ended very soon at the same time. Sad!


This song was in my fickle mind upon drafting my epistle. I want to share it to everyone.


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  1. Ich bin nicht in der Lage, diese Website richtig auf firefox Ich denke, es gibt ein Problem zu sehen.

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