Enchanted – Disney

Disney Movie ENCHANTED

Whoa was it really existing? Two people from 2 different world can make a cordial love story? or just simply a myth?

Yes, It was shown in this movie Enchanted How two people of different place met and suddenly fell in love in a short while. Imagine a cartoon princess turned out to be a beautiful and wonderful shimmering lady love – thanks to the petty witch who casted her from the cartoon world.

The story was like this:

There was a cartoon princess who entered the world of mortals. One night while she was out minded pacing all over the city she saw this billboard with a castle drawn on it, she misinterpreted it as a real huge palace keeping her knuckles on the door’s figure – patiently knocking waiting for someone to let her in.

Meanwhile a father and daughter was on their way home, the kid noticed a lovely woman over rolled with a princess dress, asked her dad to see and help the woman. The dad was skeptical but was convinced by the little kiddo at the end.

The princess stayed at their meek home for quite a while. There were catastrophe happened while she shortly stayed there because she wasn’t used to the daily routines and activities of humans of course. She gradually learned the routines and finally get use to it for a quite while. As the days sauntered by the guy (father of the kiddo) was in ocean deep thinking and feeling something special for the princess AND FIND OUT HOW HE TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH A TOTALLY STRANGER PRINCESS.

I’mma cut the story to give you the chance to take a glimpse about the movie and find out what happened and how did it happen? #ForABitofMistery

I love this song entitled ENCHANTED by Taylor Swift


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