Serenade makes a girl’s heart pound

Music for me is love, listening to it makes me feel so comfy and relaxed. Three songs that I loved so much are (1) Where are you now? (2) Endlessly (3)Your Love. (Another one is JB’s new song Mistletoe)

Apparently, I’m not a very fan of mellow genre but sometimes I find them sweet, catchy and touchy. One late night a guy friend of mine texted and asked me what are my fave songs. So I’ve replied, gave him those songs I currently have in mind. I wonder why he’d ask me those stuffs? So I asked him once again why did he asked some of my fave songs, he suddenly replied and told me that he’s going to comprehend and study the cords so when we see each other when I reach home, in Dupax he’s going to play the guitar for me. Aww! That’s so so sweet. Imagine a guy would love to play my song choices in a guitar I bet he’d sing too. The feeling is so elating. I wonder what reaction to elicit when I finally hear him sing for me.

I’ve learned to love this song and follow its lyrics because every time I cue the radio before particularly 90.1. They always play it and I get used to it. Finally, loving it so much.

Song I’ve wanted to know its title for the longest time but I can’t because Mallows won’t allow me. Haha! But then he told me at the end because he can no longer stand me being so naughty pesting him every moment I see him.

This song will never be forgotten and will never be neglected and ignored in my very heart. It is my theme song, our theme song. My first love. :))


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