Angelito – Ang batang Ama

While I was having a ride traveling along Edsa I saw this one guy carrying something around his arms then I realized when he finally put himself seated properly in the jeep, what he was actually carrying was a little angel yess, a baby. I automatically speculated it was his child he was cuddling.

Guessing his age he must be around 16-18 certified teenager for sure. When I came up with that conclusion I remember a tv serye which is broadcast on ABS-CBN. ANGELITO registered in my mind in that split moment.

Furthermore, raising a small child at a young age must be so tough and difficult. But of course, those teenagers who indulged themselves in the so called sorry for the term sex without having a second thought of the possible consequences of their actions. Partly, it was not the guy to blame but the girl as well. It was both their mistake. In the very first place they should have not done it.

But if it happens that something was developed after doing so, of course the life inside the mother should not be compromised. Meaning No for abortion. It is a heavy sin from God if both the guy and girl opt to get rid of the baby. So I salute those couple who chose to stay together and raise their child the best possible way they can.

Upon watching Angelito, I’ve seen ample moral values, and it has so many lessons to offer most especially to the teenage youths.

Juvenile Delinquents? Find time to watch Angelito. 🙂

This will guide the Batang Amas out there how to become a responsible husband and most of all “A Father”.


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