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A piece of my personality

I just gave a click in one of my friends post and here it is, tada I’ve seen this simple description. My birthdate landed in a mouse classification under April 15 – 26 ~ Mouse. So, for those conniving peeps … Continue reading

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If that is what he wanted? and so be it

I’ve tried to assess myself why I’m feeling so bizarre and weird lately. I’ve tried to decipher why I needed to be that mean and truthful with a jerk. I never wanted to reminisce and feel the feeling I’ve had … Continue reading

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Enchanted – Disney

Disney Movie ENCHANTED Whoa was it really existing? Two people from 2 different world can make a cordial love story? or just simply a myth? Yes, It was shown in this movie Enchanted How two people of different place met … Continue reading

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To Anonymous

He must be very pleased with himself for making a woman upset. This insensitive person is getting under my skin again for the second time? Nope, for the 3rd time actually. Fudge! I’ve always wanted to cast this jerk in … Continue reading

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Maja Salvador “The Dance Princess”

I’m really aching to post a blog about Maja Salvador. I’m going to bring it on! Every time I see her perform on ASAP – sultry intermission and sexy dance numbers, I can’t help myself but focus on her, amazed … Continue reading

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Serenade makes a girl’s heart pound

Music for me is love, listening to it makes me feel so comfy and relaxed. Three songs that I loved so much are (1) Where are you now? (2) Endlessly (3)Your Love. (Another one is JB’s new song Mistletoe) Apparently, … Continue reading

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Angelito – Ang batang Ama

While I was having a ride traveling along Edsa I saw this one guy carrying something around his arms then I realized when he finally put himself seated properly in the jeep, what he was actually carrying was a little … Continue reading

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