An ordinary yet a tough day

My itenerary this 21th day of November 2011

I headed to UDMC (United Doctor’s Medical Center) formerly known as SACI (Southeast Asian College Institute) and met with my friends Raisa and Jen just to float our application for staff nurse and luckily they were able to accept our application. So thankful they accepted it even if we went there 10 mins before their lunch break.

Next destination was at the Delos Santos. Sad because we weren’t able to pass our papers since they have opulent requirements for their applicants geeezz absurd!! too much!!

And so with National Children’s Hospital. I only have a say in this institution they are now closed.. yes!! CLOSED for anything. They won’t accept even your resumes.

Another prestigious hospital St, Luke’s Medical Center. The staffs were so accommodating and take note English speaking policy is being implemented so whenever you got a chance to talk to peeps concern about your application better yet speak up in English. You need to complete all the requirements they provide you otherwise your incomplete papers will just be found on trash not be entertained. They won’t entertain your papers if they are incomplete. Before stepping on their institution make sure you totally uttered everything. J

The Medical City. I was surprised upon traveling ortigas ave and having a glimpse at the building perse. Wow if you won’t see the printed “The Medical City” you won’t conclude that it is a hospital because it looks so wonderful outside and it looks a lot more like a Mall.. no jocose – A mall really. The place was so so wonderful, well maintained and cleaned, another prestigious hospital indeed. Moreover, they won’t ask any requirement from you they will just ask you to fill the blanks and list all the asked infos and you may now go home. No resumes to pass – no anything.

The Next destination and probably the last: SM Mega Mall. We attended the JobFair conducted at the 5th floor Megatrade Center. Jobfair by the MVP J

Present Hospitals were:

Makati Medical Center – no hiring at their institution but they offer a 3 month training worth P10,000 before you dole out your sterling 10K you have to pass all of their examinations and whatsoever. If you are very much qualified and you passed all of the exams you are now in line with their list of prospect staff nurses. Note: they don’t credit any trainings or certificates you had and took up in the past – you are totally back to zero.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center – I gave my resume

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital – I gave my resume

You can find the list of Hospital requirements here:



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