Day 1 seeking, questing, looking whatever you call it – it will fall into one single word “NURSE”.

It was my very very first time to wade all over the Metro and submit my resume to all the Hospitals I passed by. Wahh! It was a very tough work pacing the sidewalks and lifting head and keenly observing buildings with printed words HOSPITAL.

That was the time I realize that jobs now a days are rarely find. You just have to be so patient and very hopeful.

Imagine me traveling from LRT Tayuman to LRT Carriedo what the heck 3 stations away and I managed to walk  that long with my doll shoes given by my sister. Luckily I never had any “paltos” haha

I’m just glad that 2 hospitals were able to accept my resume and other credentials. At least my effort was never wasted.

I’m desperately waiting for calls awww so #imaginnig things.

My next itinerary would be Health Clinics – gunna start it this coming Friday!! yahoooo!!

I dunno but I’m happy and excited whenever passing resumes sauntered my mind. It gives me a tickle of excitement!! Weird! really weird!!!

Another journey this coming Monday, we going and taking over the Metro again. Yessss WE, because the last time I floated my resumes I was so so alone and alone but this time the four (4) of us will wade along the city and float our applications. Excited much!!! so much!!

Good Luck for us, Hopefully we will be able to make it. In God’s will….!!!!


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