My final say and final goodbye

It’s been 2 days since I’ve said my bitter sweet goodbye at Lung Center of the Philippines. I thought it would be so easy to leave my work, my duties but it was actually hard. It was like yesterday when I’ve entered LCP and now I’m leaving it for good. I’ve learned so much from my 3 months training and will continue to furnish and develop more my skills in handling patients when I finally get a perfect job for me. FOR ME, “Life is precious” and life lies in my hands – I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND I CONVEY ACCOUNTABILITY when it comes to caring my patients. 

Lung Center of the Philippines had offered so much to me. When to become a dependent nurse and when to boost my independent role as a nurse. I went through lots of hardships during my duty days and eventually learned ample things each day. My days at LCP was never constant meaning I never did the same thing over and over again, scenarios vary, dynamic indeed. Flexibility and versatility are both important if you’re a fully pledged NURSE.

You can’t complain. You can’t brag at patients. You  can’t higher the pitch of your voice onto HNs, and Staff Nurses. You must always be a willing prey.!!! Sad but true when you’re just a trainee. Yes, you can spit out your thoughts but most of the time what you’ve uttered would be taken for granted. Sad but it happens, seriously.

Helping other people, providing their needs when it comes to health care,  I always give my 200%. Doing what you’ve wanted to do from the very beginning seems to be so light and just a piece of cake, If you really possess the passion to that work, you know.

Nursing is a tough and heavy work but if you learn the art to love nursing and love life you’ll probably have a different perspective when it comes to health care. Loving a job, a calling is the very most spice of your life and you call it fulfillment. Passion and dedication to work means LOVING YOUR NURSING PROFESSION, LOVING YOUR NURSING CAREER AND MOST OF ALL LOVING YOURSELF FOR STRIVING TO BE ONE OF THE SO CALLED NURSES IN THIS WORLD.




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