“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

We are all judgmental in our own unique ways. Si, I am one and I knew even you . I guess it’s a human nature and an innate attitude that everyone else has. We look so down at others as if we are far much better than they are. This kind of attitude should have been terminated from the very start because this instance commences division between people.

The best thing that we can do to manage our vicious judgmental attitude is to UNDERSTAND, LOVE AND ACCEPT.

We judge, without understanding. And that’s the end of it – we don’t try our best to explore and find out more, and through communication understanding arises and through understanding we tend to build a bridge to approach other people.

Though, it would be hard for each and everyone of us to build a bridge towards other people but pacing step towards that bridge would make a very huge difference.

Avoid and eliminate passing judgment to other people instead build a bridge that can serve as your very first means in knowing a particular person.

“First impression, False perception”. 🙂


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