Who says that I’m already asleep?

Anyone out there who wants to keep me company?

Still I’m so so very wide awake, very busy furnishing my stuff (Questionnaire). Wahh! Who’s awake at this ungodly hour? I took some clippings while I’m half way through my work. “Nguso Shots”

Bitter face huh! Need to finish my work so dang badly.

Blah Blah.. just a portion of my mouth was photoed.


I kinda look so diff here. As if I wanted to kill a chicken. haha

Almost done with my work, done editing the questionnaire. It took me some time to finish making the checklist type of questionnaire “not sure if I’ll call it questionnaire,but nevertheless you can actually consider it as a type of questionnaire. (Super labo ng sinabi ko noh?) By the way moving on, I am done doing it. Period!

I thought editing was just a knack but hell yeah! It wasn’t that easy to edit everything. My consolation while doing the stuff was I did not intelligently think of what to write because everything was written and all i needed to do was to simply type everything and make some revisions if necessary.

at this wee hour + a very rainy night/dawn – a cold weather indeed very conducive to sleeping. I’m struggling the urge to headbang to keep myself awake so as to finish everything just right in place.



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