Charice’s song is LOVE

I was just browsing youtube when I happened to click Charice’s name on the Search Bar and BOOM!! her BRAND NEW SINGLE “LOUDER” appeared. At first I was so skeptical whether to listen or not but then curiosity strikes so I’ve decided to hit a try. The next thing I remember I was singing her song while listening to it. It’s like in an instant Hey! I love the song already. OMY!!

I love the rhythm, I love the lyrics, I love the song itself. Plus a great voice from Charice – a total package indeed.

I’m sharing you the video. Enjoy listening!! I also did love her former song Pyramid together with Iyaz.

Charice – LOUDER


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2 Responses to Charice’s song is LOVE

  1. my dad wanted to know something about this, ill point them to your site, thx

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