Lung Center of the Philippines

Lung Center of the Philippines

I’m affiliated in this institution and I’ve been having my Post Graduate Course in Pulmonary Nursing fomerly known as the Basic Skills Training “BST”. I’ve been circulated in different wards like 3C, 3B, 3A and 2B (which actually lasted just this morning) and next destination would be on 2A. Duties on special areas would follow right after finishing my exposure at Ward 2A. I’m kinda excited for the special areas actually. Lemme give you some brief quality insight of the wards I’ve been through. Starting from the very first Ward exposure 3C.

3C is very well known as the Toxic-est Ward. FYI, It is a pay ward. Every single move you do should be measurable meaning before you execute nursing interventions you have to secure the staff nurses’ reminders even if you can fend for yourself when providing care/intervention. What makes it toxic even more is that you have to deal with sensitive patients and relatives.

3B is a service ward aka “charity”. Here you have to be so resourceful. Still you need to ask for some reminders but more often than not you’re actually hands on in here.  Same with 3A almost the same protocol.

2A is a mixed Service and Pay Ward. Not so that toxic. I had a good time undertaking my duty in this ward.

NOTE: Before you attend your patients’ needs you got to carry with you your smartness and oozing confidence. (It is like carrying ample of bullets when colliding in a fight) As much as possible when giving medications please please make some readings about the medicine you’ll be giving otherwise you’ll be startled when pt/SO started questioning you what is the medicine for.

Truly, I’m so enjoying my duty with sheer bliss. I LOVE NURSING. Providing quality good care to my patients is my PASSION.

If you ever happen to try to decide to enroll @LCP’s Post Graduate Course in Pulmonary Nursing check out their official website. Here you go:

I think their next opening for Post Graduate Course in Pulmonary Nursing would be on the 2012 around January.  If you opt to pursue their Training – well as early as now inquire immediately and pass all the requirements.


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